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Criminal Law

Criminal Law Services in New London, CT ❘ Traystman & Coric, LLC

There’s a lot at stake when you’re suddenly accused of a crime. From your job security to your reputation, the threat of losing these things becomes real, and it can be difficult to muster the clarity and tenacity you need to effectively defend yourself. If you need a criminal lawyer in New London, CT, Traystman & Coric, LLC is ready to fight in your corner.

How We Can Help

With over 100 years of combined experience, Traystman & Coric, LLC represents clients at both the state and federal levels. Your criminal lawyer will work closely with you to ensure you understand your rights and all possible outcomes you face. We’ll work tirelessly to build the strongest defense possible and help you achieve a favorable outcome.
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  • Juvenile Crimes
  • White Collar Crimes
  • License Suspensions
  • Property Crimes
  • Traffic Offenses
  • Assault
  • Vehicle-Alcohol Offenses
  • Attempted Murder
Criminal Law in New London, CT ❘ Traystman & Coric, LLC

The process of a criminal lawsuit is different for every individual. No matter where you are in the process, the attorneys at Traystman & Coric, LLC will guide and defend you every step of the way. Attorney Dado Coric and our team work tirelessly to give you the advantage throughout your case. We’ll establish the best strategies and help you make optimal decisions along the way.

A Criminal Lawyer Who Stands in Your Corner

When you’re up against a criminal lawsuit, having a powerhouse team around you is integral to coming out on top. Whether you’re facing DWI, assault, theft, or personal injury charges in New London, CT, our attorneys are ready to fight for you. If you’re currently facing or would like to file criminal charges in a family law case, our attorneys can also help.

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