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Family Law

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Emotional strains can run deep during divorces, custody battles, and spousal support cases. That’s why the attorneys at Traystman & Coric, LLC approach family law cases with compassion, diligence, and patience.

Our law firm harnesses decades of experience in family law, and our attorneys advocate tirelessly for our clients, their children, and family members. We approach each case with a tenacious and empathetic drive to achieve an optimal, long-term solution. If you’re looking for a child custody or divorce lawyer in New London, CT, we’re ready to represent you every step of the way.

How We Can Help

Whether you’re going through a separation, a child custody disagreement, or have concerns for your personal safety, we’re ready to protect you and fight for what’s right.

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    Couples going through a divorce often want to dissolve the marriage as seamlessly as possible. But the process is not always that simple. As your divorce lawyer forges a better understanding of your situation, they’ll mediate, litigate, and fight towards the right outcome. We can also defend you in related cases of child custody, alimony, and division of assets and property.

    Child Custody

    Child custody is a big issue that often comes up in divorce cases and separate legal proceedings. Our attorneys advocate for a child’s rights when their family goes through sudden changes. The goal of our family lawyer is to understand a child’s unique needs and secure a custody arrangement that suits their best interests.

    New London’s Trusted Family & Divorce Lawyer

    At Traystman & Coric, LLC, we strive to smooth the trail that lies ahead of you and your family with a successful, long-term solution. We provide mediation services with the intent to negotiate a written solution or settlement between all the involved parties. When that’s not the initial outcome, we’ll litigate and help you fight for the next best solution. If there are criminal or personal injury issues tied up in your family’s case, we can also coordinate with other legal specialists and provide counsel.

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